10 Reasons I Love Being a Virtual Assistant!

10 Reasons I Love Being a Virtual Assistant

  1. The ability to work from anywhere!  I can work at home, in my office or on my deck.  I can work at Starbucks, I can work at the beach, at my friend’s house, by the pool, in my car while on vacation!  I can work at the dog park! Freedom is what it is all about!
  2. Satisfaction – knowing that I am helping people with the things I am expert at, so they can spend time growing their businesses.
  3. Flexibility – setting my own hours.  I am a night owl and I can work in the wee hours while everything is quiet!
  4. Variety of tasks – a Virtual Assistant is a diverse role and I love doing many different things that help my clients.
  5. Relationships – building professional relationships with different people from all over the world and many different industries.
  6. The social media aspect – working virtually means spending most of my time in the online world being social!
  7. Environmental Benefits – working virtually means using conserving paper and most of my time is electronic. This gives a very streamlined approach to modern business.
  8. Working with BIG and SMALL Businesses – helping both types of businesses give us variety and we have the excitement of helping a startup, solopreneur and the challenges of working with big corporations on projects as well.
  9. Assisting multiple clients – we LOVE challenges; it keeps us on our toes.
  10. No need to waste time commuting – walking from my bedroom to my home office lets me start working on my tasks immediately and working allows me more productivity time.

I worked in Corporate America for many years and I love being a Virtual Assistant!  It is very rewarding to help clients so that they can spend their important time working on their business.  I am no longer restricted by corporate rules and am now able to be a business partner to many and can let my expertise, creativity and ideas help many.




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