Business Owners NEED to take time for themselves!

Invest in Yourself by Taking Care of Yourself . . .

YES, I know most of you find it hard to fit fitness in when you are working and growing your business
BUT it is very important to TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF!!!

I have been trying to workout at home and I always find an excuse to NOT do it.  I am considering this
as Personal Development.  We train our minds and we NEED to train our BODY too!

Today . . . I took the first step and joined a gym!  I made an investment in myself and my goals for this
summer and signed up for a gym.   Living where I do, its 25 miles one way, but I figure if I am paying for it,
it will motivate me to go.

I am making a commitment, HERE & NOW to visiting gym 3 times per week MINIMUM!

DAY 1 ~

I did the 29 minute circuit which is cool, you do 2 times around the machines and get a full body workout!
THEN I did a Zumba class! It was so FUN and so high energy! Doing it with a group of people is MUCH
funner than doing it in your living room!


They have a pool, jacuzzis, a sauna, a steam room and cycle classes,
which is one of the reasons I chose this one, as I LOVE to swim!!!
They even have Water Zumba and other water exercise classes!


I will keep you posted on my fitness Journey!

 It’s ON!!!!

Leave a comment if you are on a fitness journey and how it is working out for you, share your tips….  AND
share this post with others 🙂
#justdoit #summeriscoming #ibelieveinme

2017 is HERE! How is YOUR New Year Going so Far?

We are 20 days into the new year, how is it going for you so far?

Did you make BIG goals, plans, have some great ideas in mind for this year?
If you do, all of these involve change, work and energy.

Do YOU have a specific FOCUS this year? New business? Growing your current business? Taking some training? Moving? Getting married? Send me a reply on what you want to happen. Sharing it helps to make it real and make you accountable.

One thing I can tell you, is that 2017 will be as GREAT as YOU make it!

510905303It ALL comes down to you and your MINDSET to make things happen or stop certain things from happening. How YOU handle things is up to YOU.

This year, you will be hearing from me more, this is my commitment to you!

One of my goals this year is to share high value blogs with you about many things. Tips, tools, resources and many other topics to help you grow and do things easier.

There will be a weekly blog to you similar to this, if you are feeling what I am saying, agree with it, don’t agree with it, have other thoughts, please do hit the reply button and let’s have some dialogue 🙂

Have you reflected on 2016? What did you learn from the last year? What worked and what didn’t? What went right and what went wrong? Making a list of these things might be helpful to keep you on the right track this year.


I learned a lot last year about what doesn’t work in marketing my business … (not so good) BUT I signed up for a great training towards the end of the year THAT taught me what works AND since implementing it, I have 3 new clients in the first two weeks of 2017! (very good)

I also learned that I have to disconnect from the computer and my business by working WAY too many hours on a daily basis last year! This caused me to experience burn out.

So this year, I am sticking to strict hours so I can have a healthy balance between my business and my personal life.

I LOVE learning and growing and make an effort to always work on my personal and business development and will continue to do so. It is so important to INVEST in yourself and your business.

I will leave you pondering what I have written, if you haven’t thought about this new year and what you are planning, please do and also try and take some time to reflect on last year.

See you next week!