Business Owners NEED to take time for themselves!

Invest in Yourself by Taking Care of Yourself . . .

YES, I know most of you find it hard to fit fitness in when you are working and growing your business
BUT it is very important to TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF!!!

I have been trying to workout at home and I always find an excuse to NOT do it.  I am considering this
as Personal Development.  We train our minds and we NEED to train our BODY too!

Today . . . I took the first step and joined a gym!  I made an investment in myself and my goals for this
summer and signed up for a gym.   Living where I do, its 25 miles one way, but I figure if I am paying for it,
it will motivate me to go.

I am making a commitment, HERE & NOW to visiting gym 3 times per week MINIMUM!

DAY 1 ~

I did the 29 minute circuit which is cool, you do 2 times around the machines and get a full body workout!
THEN I did a Zumba class! It was so FUN and so high energy! Doing it with a group of people is MUCH
funner than doing it in your living room!


They have a pool, jacuzzis, a sauna, a steam room and cycle classes,
which is one of the reasons I chose this one, as I LOVE to swim!!!
They even have Water Zumba and other water exercise classes!


I will keep you posted on my fitness Journey!

 It’s ON!!!!

Leave a comment if you are on a fitness journey and how it is working out for you, share your tips….  AND
share this post with others 🙂
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