The Wolf Woman Entrepreneur Danna - Proactive Virtual Assistant

The Wolf Woman Entrepreneur Danna - Proactive Virtual Assistant

Hello, I am Danna Cruzan, the Wolf Woman Entrepreneur and your Proactive Virtual Assistant.  I will partner with you to help you run & grow your business.  I enjoy working with Business Professionals to rescue them from stress, overwhelm and doing things they don't want to do.  I empower them to do the things they enjoy doing and the things that grow their business.

I left corporate America after I was laid off due to an office closure.  I found the job market very limited and I started my own business so that I could be in charge of my own destiny, have the flexibility to spend time with my grand-kids and do the volunteer work with animals that I love to do.

I am a resourceful leader with 20 years of administrative and management experience with relationship building talents and expert computer skills.  I am Certified in Digital Media Marketing and I take pride in being dependable, having a proven history of successful leadership, strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

I have all of the skills to help YOU get your job done.  I have excellent communication skills, marketing and social media skills, administrative skills, fresh ideas and I am extremely confident in all that I do. I specialize in being your virtual assistant, your social media marketer, giving you blog assistance, office support, office/computer organization, email marketing and handling, website design/management, branded image design, form and document creation, video training and editing.

I am extremely detailed, flexible, organized and an avid communicator who stays calm during stressful projects/timelines and am good at helping others remain calm. I enjoy learning and sharing my knowledge with others. I am passionate about helping others succeed, and am proactive with my clients. I love seeing the benefits of my hard work when I help a client with things they need done. More important to me is the relationship I build with my clients, I want them to know I am a part of their team and their success is my success. I have worked with a variety of different clients including small business owners, realtors, doctors, consultants and entrepreneurs.

I take initiative and am not afraid to speak up, give advice, or feedback. I value open and honest communication and feel it is a must for a good partnership. I am looking for clients who want a true partner in their business and not just hired help, growing together is such a great thing.

Working from my dedicated home office for the last 8 years has been very enjoyable and taught me that communication is the key when working virtually.  I have noticed the trend in the marketplace and the need and demand for virtual assistant support and have based my business on that.

I am an avid animal lover and am the Volunteer Vice President for Wolf Mountain Sanctuary a non profit organization.  I am also a Freelance Photographer.  I enjoy sharing the beauty I see with others.  I also take beautiful images of mountains, deserts, beaches and animals to use for my own backgrounds when creating graphic designs for myself and clients.   You can see some of my work here.   My portfolio of branded images can be seen here.

I have 3 active grandchildren (two teen-age boys who are football players and an lovely young 7 year old girl), take care of my mother who lives with me, cherish my 4 dogs and 2 cats and I live in a small mountain town in Southern California.

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