Why Business and Life Coaches Need Virtual Assistants

Are you a coach thinking of expanding your coaching business to make a greater impact on people who want a change in their lives?  Do you want to become an author, do speaking engagements to show that you are an expert in your business or do many other things you have been dreaming of?  I know you are probably thinking, “I can’t possibly do all that as well as run my current business.”  Well, here is a little secret


Isn’t it true that traditional methods of running a coaching business have changed with the rapidly growing and changing technology?   As your passion is to help people communicate better and empower them to make mindset changes that will improve their lives or grow their business, your focus is on them…  your clients.   A virtual assistant can help you manage your day-to-day operations so that you can focus on your clients.

Why do you need a virtual assistant for your coaching business?  If you relate to two or more of these statements listed below, then you know it’s time to seriously think about hiring a virtual assistant.

Your excitement to do your passion has decreased
You are missing quality life moments
You need to get back control of your time
Your online presence is uninspiring
You spend more time on administrative tasks than growing and running your business


Are you a life coach who is overwhelmed?  We are here to help.

                                Are you a life coach who is overwhelmed? We are here to help.

Creating a partnership with a virtual assistant can give you time to focus on your passion.  A virtual assistant can empower YOU so that you can encourage and empower others!   When you welcome a proactive professional virtual assistant to become a valued member of your team, you can hand over the following tasks to her:

Administrative Support Services
Social Media Management
Branded Image and Document Design
Website Management
Blog Management and Content Writing
Virtual and In Person Event Planning
Email and Calendar Management

Letting go of things you don’t need or want to do can change a lot of things for you.  Change equals growth. Your growth and time freedom will increase if you partner with a virtual assistant.  Let a virtual assistant help you grow and build the road to your destination.

If you have any questions you would like answered, please give me a call at 760-662-8395 and let’s chat!  Share this blog post with others that you think would enjoy it or that it may help.



AOVA is Here to Help You!

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The Wolf Woman Entrepreneur
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