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That there are words that can boost conversions and social shares? (here is 1, watch for the next 5 which will be posted soon)

Power word #1. NEW

“New” takes you on a journey of discovery.

Our brains are wired for “new.” Our attraction to novelties helps us innovate and seek new opportunities. If new things weren’t
so attractive to humans, we’d still be stuck in our caves. We wouldn’t meet here on the web.

How to use the power of “new” in your writing:

In emails promoting new products, use “new,” “announcing,” or “introducing” at the start of your subject line.

On lead pages for new products, use feature flashes highlighting the word “new”.

When upgrading an existing product, explain what’s new about it.

When tweeting a new blog post for the first time, use “new blog post” at the start of your tweet.

More words to follow in the next few days 🙂

These tips are helpful to anyone that is marketing online, entrepreneurs, coaches, virtual assistantssocial media managers…..

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